domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013

Lotus – Let you go...

I´m here, on a white lining´s chair, alone and so sad. Alone and sad because of me, because I lost you... I felt that my ARMY OF ME was enough to bring you back, but I was wrong. I thought: LET THERE BE LOVE, but I lost the only chance that I had to make you happy. My only hope was that you will say to me: I TURN TO YOU, fucking boring... I know, you are SO EMOTIONAL, but with you, the reason always speaks louder. She avoids suffering...
I wish your SMILE was mine again, because it is so beautiful and strong. When you smile, I could see your soul´s glow reflecting hope and the good future. However, I did ON OUR WAY with you from straying, I acknowledge that I was unable to hold your affection. I have sinned, but would all I want was to have you with me. NOBODY WANTS TO BE LONELY.
I tried a CEASE FIRE, I tried have your hug again, I tried touch your hand and feeling your real presence. But I did not get anything... My big frustration was: can not make you happy, as you deserve. I understand your reaction with me. It´s OBVIOUS that you want me away from you. I just need that you say it looking to my eyes. When I see the really truth, I, ultimately, let you go of my heart and my mind... 
I know that there isn´t more REFLECTION's places about me in your feelings. I´m RUNNING OUT OF TIME, but I know that the only result of all this, will be the fatigue of a guy who cannot stop thinking in you… I´ve the clear idea that, to you, all this speech is full of EMPTY WORDS. But you have no idea how each word is pronounced inside me. The mouth speaks what the heart feels.
I´m sorry to be like this, I´m sorry to be like I´m being, I´m sorry to try do anything right, that is give wings to a lost passion. Take it easy, honey... I know, it´s IMPOSSIBLE. Today, I am a lotus flower torn, full of blemishes and repentance. AT LAST, I deserve it. This is the price of my wishing well. Be happy, my best crazy in love. God bless you!

By Fábio do Bú.

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